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Energizing Popcorn Mix Recipe: A Must Have for Marathon Day

Published on 2014-03-15  |  Posted in Blog featured posts, Fun Snack Ideas, Healthy Snack Ideas, Sports/Game Day

  • Energizing Popcorn Mix Recipe: A Must Have for Marathon Day

Marathons, 10 milers, 5Ks and other such road races have become more and more popular over the past few years. It's a great way for runners of all levels to set a goal, test themselves and raise money for charity all at the same time.

In preparation for your next race or as a special treat for the runner in your life, make Kernel Season’s Energizing Popcorn Mix. It’s a simple, tasty snack perfect for race day and full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and flavor.

Make a batch for yourself or create them as a small token of appreciation to celebrate the runners in your life. You can also pour these snack mixtures into takeout containers as favors for the marathon after-party. If running is not your thing, Energizing Popcorn Mix is also great for hiking, biking, picnicking or whenever you’re in need of a healthy snack to pick you up!

Trail Mix Recipe – Kernel Season’sIngredients

For a savory snack:

  • Cheesy Jalapeno, Garlic Parmesan, White Cheddar or any of the savory Kernel Season's™ popcorn seasonings flavors
  • Veggie chips, such as carrots, purple sweet potatoes, green beans and squash
  • Raw nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.)
  • Organic and natural meat jerky (feel free to leave this ingredient out)
  • Wild rice sticks

Popcorn Trail Mix – Kernel Season’sFor a sweet snack:

  • Caramel or Milk Chocolate Caramel Kernel Season's™ popcorn seasoning
  • Dried blueberries
  • Dark chocoalte M&Ms
  • Banana chips
  • Raw nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.)
  • Dried goji berries

For savory popcorn running mix, pop your popcorn (air popped is healthiest) and mix in a variety of raw and organic dry ingredients. You can find most of these ingredients in the dry bulk section or natural section of your local grocery store. Finish the trail mix with a sprinkling of Kernel Season’s™ popcorn seasoning to add a light kick of flavor. I like the cheesy seasoning flavors like Nacho Cheddar, Garlic Parmesan, Ranch and Cheesy Jalapeno.

Marathon Trail Mix – Kernel Season’sStick to organic and raw ingredients when you can, giving you a higher nutrient per calorie count. Include meat jerky for protein and rice sticks as well as some veggie chips for the carbohydrates your body will need to keep fueled. The natural fats and protein found in dry nuts will satiate you for a longer period of time than other foods and dry carrots have the vitamin A to keep your body fueled longer.

For a sweeter popcorn running mix, combine popcorn with a variety of sweet, but not candy heavy, dry bulk items. Then sprinkle with Kernel Season’s Caramel or Milk Chocolate Caramel popcorn seasoning.

Goji Berry Trail Mix – Kernel Season’sGoji berries are said to increase your metabolism and help you feel energized, so throw afew into the mix. Studies show that blueberries can improve motor skills and are high in manganese, so include some dried blueberries for even more energy. Adding potassiumrich banana chips will help prevent leg cramps and a few dark chocolate M&Ms adds just the right amount of sugar your body will crave post-run.

Whether the popcorn is for you or someone else, spend some time decorating the popcorn containers. Using favor boxes, attach little print outs of marathon numbers. You can also find some yellow ribbon and using puff paint write, “FINISH” across the ribbon. Once the puff paint dries, attach the ribbon with glue or tape to the box to represent the ribbon at the finish line.



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