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Popcorn Cocktail Pairing Recipes

Published on 2014-10-28  |  Posted in Blog featured posts, Entertaining, Fun Snack Ideas, Party Snack Ideas, Sports/Game Day

  • Popcorn Cocktail Pairing Recipes

Cheese pairings for beer and wine are a great way to accentuate the flavors of the spirits you’re indulging in, but it often comes with a hefty price tag and an expanding waistline. Instead of cheese, opt for something less filling, budget friendly and with plenty of flavor like gourmet popcorn to pair with your cocktails. Popcorn pairings are elegant enough to serve at parties, yet portable and simple enough for picnics, road trips and as gift accompaniments to the recipient’s favorite spirit. And if you’re entertaining kids, simply swap out the adult libations for juice!


For each of the cocktail popcorn pairings below, you will need to start with freshly popped popcorn as your base. To start, pour 1-3 tablespoons of oil, like Kernel Season’s Popping Oil, into a large pot with a lid. Next, place a few kernels in the oil, cover pot and turn the stovetop burner to medium high. When the first kernel pops, add ½ cup of popping corn (Kernel Season’s Premium Popping Corn) and shake pot gently over heat. Keep lid slightly ajar to allow steam to escape. When popping slows to 2-3 seconds, remove pot from heat and pour popcorn into a bowl. Next, add in ingredients according to pairing recipes below.


Popcorn Pairing Recipes:


Drink: Red Wine, Merlot


Pair: Popcorn seasoned with Kernel Season’s Garlic Parmesan seasoning and topped with julienned sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and fresh parsley. 

Pair Merlot wine with Garlic Parmesan seasoned popcorn 

Drink: Beer, Fall/Seasonal Flavor


Pair: Popcorn seasoned with Kernel Season’s Caramel seasoning mixed with chunks of dried apple and roasted or raw pumpkin seeds. Topped with broken pieces of toffee or peanut brittle. 

Season popcorn with Caramel Kernel Season's and serve with a fall flavored beerThe perfect pairing for your fall beer is Caramel seasoned popcorn  

Drink: Beer, Light American-Style Lager


Pair: Popcorn lightly seasoned with Kernel Season’s Bacon Cheddar seasoning. Add in bits of cured beef jerky and toss in some honey roasted peanuts. Finish with some French fried onions. 

Dad will love snacking on seasoned popcorn with his favorite beerKernel Season's Bacon Cheddar popcorn is the perfect snack match for beer 

*Kid-Friendly Swaps

Instead of Merlot, serve cranberry juice alongside Garlic Parmesan seasoned popcorn. For the beer popcorn pairings, offer root beer or apple juice instead and serve with the Caramel and Bacon Cheddar flavored popcorn recipes

Swap out cocktails for juice to pair with popcorn



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